K3 Kong builds for E3000 ... When ?

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K3 Kong builds for E3000 ... When ?



I have a e3000 running 21676 BS K3 . Could you post a new build for test for this unit .. 


The router is running for 8 days ... no problems so far , except the radio in 2.4 and 5 ghz works at 150 mb maximum ... Your last k2.6 build works in the same scenario at 270 mb ... 

Thanks in advance


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Right now I focus on K3

Right now I focus on K3 builds for AC units, there is still one bug that annoyes me. While I'm working on that I'm testing my features with K3 and maybe commit them to official repo. In the future It may not be neccessary to release additional builds unless BrainSlayer and I don't agree on certain things:-)

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21676 BS K3 wont mount my USB

21676 BS K3 wont mount my USB drive correctly, I'm gonna wait for an official Kong Build

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@ Kong

@ Kong
as the "official" builds do not seem to get compiled and updated on a regular basis it would be damn fine of you if you would compile K3 builds and/or bugfixed k26 builds for your usual userbase. e4200v1, e30000, n66u and so on...

Thanks in advance...