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Hi Guys, I am with E3200 and

Hi Guys, I am with E3200 and this FW. It works very well. I mounted an USB stick on /jffs. And installed on it an OSCAM Server/client for my Satellite card. But, now the installed OSCAM server has the same IP addresss as the router. If there is a way to assign a different IP on the OSCAM server in this case?

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I have remote site that has a

I have remote site that has a gateway router, E3000 it was running B.S. Build 15962 for over 2 years. I've upgraded it to VPNKONG 20575M, syslogs doesn't work which I need working.

KONG Build 20780M has a newer busybox version so I tested this build to see if syslogs works. I found that syslogs breaks once you create a new bridge (br1) under Setup -> Networking. Even deleting the br1 logs do not work and the CPU shows over 98% for syslogd. The only why to get syslogs working with low CPU USAGE is to do a HARD Reset and enable system logs with high log level without br1.

I need syslogs and bridging working together. With System Log enabled, I use HIGH log level with Dropped, Rejected & Accepted enabled.

Kong can you take a look at this issue?