Kong 20780-rt-66nu-DD-WRT config questions

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Kong 20780-rt-66nu-DD-WRT config questions

Hi all I have a brand new rt-66nu router flashed with Kongs 20780 64k-DD-WRT build working great....my questions are how can i utilize the builtin freeradius and hotspot options to create a simple captive portal with authentication for 1 user with 1 password (100's of concurrent logins) and a customized splash page???


Been in the I.T. world for over 20 years, but have been in the DD-WRT world for 2 weeks.....


Any Help would be extremely appreciated.

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bump^^^ No one????


No one????

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Hi as you did the flash ? do

Hi as you did the flash ? do you did direct of stock firmware to DD-WRT KONG ? because my RT-N66U has 32KB of NVRAM and Kong MOD has 64... can i do directly of stock to DDWRT kong mod 21661 ?

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