Kong 22200 dd-wrt build

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Kong 22200 dd-wrt build


i have been extremely busy at work lately, so i am now just getting around to testing this build. so far everything seems to work fine with it (i run a fairly basic setup, cable isp docsis 3.0 50D/20U, no optware, network printer, very customized firewall script). Within the past year or so i been using alot of streaming services thru set top boxes, such as the roku and wdtvlive, also thru my blu-ray player as well. So a couple of months back i started implementing QoS into my setup so that those streaming devices won't hog all my bandwidth, otherwise i have complaints from my 'significant others' and their seeming need for hand held devices. For a bit this was working well, no problems with QoS and it seemed to be doing the job. I would say within the past 3 builds (including this one) QoS has been crashing the router. I am reporting this because i recently read an svn ticket regarding QoS and that the ack,syn etc flags have been disabled for AC wireless units. I don't however think that is the problem. I am using an E3000 now with the k2.6 flavor of this mod and enabling QoS and leaving the flags above off still produces crashing. These crashes are random as well, sometimes it'll work fine for a good while, then crash, sometimes its immediately. What i am finding more odd is that QoS on my Buffalo wzr-hp-ag300h works fine using the official community 22118 build, but i am enabling the fq_codel flag with it. Anyhow - just wanted to report my findings with this build. BR