Kong Mod - R7000 - Logs - View Bandwidth

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Kong Mod - R7000 - Logs - View Bandwidth

This whole DD-WRT is new to me.  Never really had a reason to make the switch from the stock firmware on any of my wireless routers throughout the years.  Between all of the wireless devices in my home, apple tv's, kids watching youtube, etc etc etc.  I made the switch to the Kong mod last night.  Biggest reason being is in hopes of trying to narrow down where all of my bandwidth is going.  Comcast has a 1TB limit on me, and I get close to hitting that.


Everything with the Kong went good, and no complaints.  But........I'm unable to see that bandwidth usage.  I see the total bandwidth usage over the WAN, but I was hoping that it would break it down to each connected device.  Is this possible?  Am I missing something?  Is there a plugin or something else that I need to enable/tweak for this feature? 

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Zabbix may be your solution

Zabbix may be your solution to this.

I have never used it, But have looked into it in the past. It is basicly a way to monitor everything about your network and it has countless features. Kong Mod integrated the API into the firmware a few years back. Id look there for your monitoring issues.

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I've got the kong zabbix

I've got the kong zabbix build 25090m on my netgear R7000.  It does require a zabbix server, but it definitely gives you the ability to track bandwidth on each interface, as well as system uptime, cpu, memory use, temperature.

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What you're looking for is

What you're looking for is YAMon.

It's a package that you install on the router, which creates its own web page (separate from the DD-WRT admin interface) that shows the bandwidth usage by device. It lets you view usage by hour, day, and month. It lets you name each device, and put them into groups (like owner or location). It also has graphs of the data. 

It works really well. I'm pretty sure this is exactly what you're looking for.

There are some screenshots on the About page.