Load-balancing multiple networks

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Load-balancing multiple networks

These questions are about load-balancing multiple WiFi connections with N-based wifi routers running DDWRT or other firmware that will give me the required functionality.



THE GOAL: is to increase throughput by concatenating the bandwidth of the “external” links.



(*) We are dealing with three N-routers (A,B,C) who are all running DDWRT

(*) Routers A & B's radios are running in the mixed mode (to pick up both N & G signals)

(*) Router C's radio is strictly running in the N-mode











HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO WORK: routers A & B are connected to multiple “external” WiFi connections simultaneously and present this bandwidth to router C who supplies an internal network.






(1) Will such topology work with only three routers?


(2) Can I use any N-routers for A, B, and C routers or do I need special equipment?


(3) [related to question above] Can only two antennas on a N-router pick up more than two signals simultaneously? If not, is there a way to add more antennas to the router's radios?








CCNA cert ~ decade ago (still remember all the layers in the OSI model ;) )

Fairly new to wireless, but can tinker and solder and possess rudimentary observation and problemsolving skills.





Thank you so much to everyone that took the time to read my post! Your responses are greatly appreciated!