Logging to USB Flash?

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Dean Brady
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Logging to USB Flash?

I've been using Tomato for a while now, first on a WRT54g (5+ years ago?) and now on a 3500L.    One of the main things I love is the bandwidth monitoring.   I have a 250GB cap and with Netflix, Hulu, amazon VOD, iTunes and PC games thare are usually over 10GB now, I need to watch what is going on.   I also have a couple teenage boys in the house.

I never bothered to use the USB storage support before (WRT54g didn't have it) but was hoping I can use a thumb drive to store the bandwidth data and maybe even website & search logs?    

Any ideas?    I formatted a USB flash and the router sees it fine but not sure how to connect the dots.

On a seperatenote, what is the advantage to the 3800L over the 3500L?   Any big reason to upgrade?   

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I am not a Tomato man,

I am not a Tomato man, however here is a how-to using DD-WRT that may be of assistance to you.