MAC Address ID

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MAC Address ID


  I am new to the site and I'm about as newbie and foreign to much of the terminology used here as a newbie could be.  I'm not even sure if I'm in the place to ask the question but please guide me if not.

  I currently have the R6300

  I am looking for the following capability either in my current router, pr a suggested router and/or with a separate processor like an arduino or other solution.

  The capability I am looking for is for the router or system to:

      A) Only allow a set list of MAC addresseses to access the network (white list)

      B) Have the router alert me (send a signal to an arduino/ or other method) when specific MAC address connect and disconnect from the network.  The goal is to drive some home automation projects based on when certain family members are connected to the network (home or not).

  I'm not sure if this type of configuration is allowable/achievable with the open source code in any of the routers, but if so, please advise.

Thank you in advance and regards,

  -The Hockster