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Erwin Quek
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Max Throughput


I am looking forward to install DD_WRT on my r7000.

Currently I have internet speed of 300M/300M and would be upgrading soon to 500M/500M or 1G/500M.

If I use DD_WRT, would I still get my Max Internet Speed?

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No, currently the maximum

No, currently the maximum with standard cpu clock is 360/330. We are working on a custom nat, that will allow more.
But this only applies if you have IPV4, for IPV6 NAT is not needed and therefore not much CPU processing for NAT needed and thus should handle these connections very well.

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Porcusor said: When you say

Porcusor said: When you say there's going to be better throughput with IPV6, I am assuming it will only work for IPV6 sites/IP's you're downloading from. But if you're downloading from an IPv4 only site, you'll still be limited by NAT, right? I'm confused.. Right now I'm on stock only for the NAT performance, otherwise I'd go back to DD-WRT, I got used to it on my old dir-825. With that one I got 160mbps on stock and 300mbps on dd-wrt.. I refuse to believe this r7000 is only capable of 300-400 with nat with a dual core cpu! Hopefully a miracle will happen :)

The problem is although it is a dual core the nat/ethernet stuff cannot be parallelized thus the second core is almost idle, but can do other tasks. On a single core, at max throughput, transfering to attached usb for example will be slowed down dramatically.

NAT is very cpu intensive and the hw acceleration oems use, in case you don't need advanced qos or connection tracking, bypasses a few things.

The question is how that bypassing affects security:-)

Thus no miracle only thing that might happen is, that we also come up with some sort of bypassing, but definitely such thing would break a few features. You can always get a few percent out by playing and optimizing for the plattform, but linux kernel devs aren't stupid they developed this for years and thus you can't expect great gains.

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Porcusor said:  Thanks! EDIT

Porcusor said:  Thanks! EDIT: restarted router & PC and now getting stable speed @320mbps - most likely the PC was to blame

Yes, I have seen this before. After flashing and rebooting it is sometimes also good if you power off/on the router.

I know it will get a little faster once we have new drivers and switch to a newer kernel I ran tests before on linux 3.12 with drivers that were a bit newer, it wasn't stable, but had close to 10% increase in throughput. So there is a chance to reach 400mbps with standard cpu clock and maybe 500 if overclocked to 1200mhz.