miniDLNA and mount points on E3000

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miniDLNA and mount points on E3000


I'm new to KongMod and have trouble understanding how miniDLNA has to be configured. I have miniDLNA KongMod "DD-WRT v24-sp2 (01/10/12) stdkong - build 18050M" on E3000

From Status-SysInfo I see that my USB Support is Enabled and MiniDLNA Running.


Now I just pluged USB stick (Fat32) into USB port and configured one Samba share:

Path: /tmp/mnt/disc0-part1 (selected from drop-down box)

Name: share

Public, Access RW


I can access my Samba share just fine. But here is the problem with DLNA. My files (jpg, avi) are all over the USB stick. There is no directories like Photo, Video, etc. There are directories like DCIM, Movies. So any file can be anywhere.

What I have to specify in MiniDLNA section ? E.g. when for DLNA->"Pictures" I specify something like "/tmp/mnt/disc0-part1/DCIM" and with DLNA client I do not see any pictures :(

My refresh rate is 240 and I waited for like 10 minutes. No files appear.


How do I configure DLNA section ? Any ideas ?

Denis I
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Hi there,

Hi there,

I don't know if you figured it out already, but you can put /mnt/DCIM for pictures /mnt/Video for videos and /mnt/Music for music or /mnt for all categories.
When accessing the files through a media player, the player itself will filter the content, for ex. if you go to the Music category and select folders afterwards it will list all the folders where you have playable music files.

Hope that makes sense.


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Can you help me setup my

Can you help me setup my router up to broadcast the external HDD I flashed to kong's 18730. I plugged the E3000 to the usb port then what do I do I've enabled usb storage support I don't see a UUID?here's what I was told to do on by slobodan he's been trying to help me, but I still can't figure it out.

mounted to /tmp/mnt/disc2-part1 means that your files are found in /tmp/mnt/disc2-part1.

You could use:

mount --bind /tmp/mnt/disc2-part1 /mnt
mount -n --bind /tmp/mnt/disc2-part1 /mnt

And have thus your files under /mnt.

Here's what it says,

Disk 0:
--- /dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc
Block device, size 1.819 TiB (2000398934016 bytes)
DOS/MBR partition map
Partition 1: 1.819 TiB (2000396289024 bytes, 3907024002 sectors from 63)
Type 0x07 (HPFS/NTFS)
NTFS file system
Volume size 1.819 TiB (2000396288512 bytes, 3907024001 sectors)
/dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1 mounted to /tmp/mnt/disc0-part1