miniDLNA problem on Linksys E4200v1

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miniDLNA problem on Linksys E4200v1


first of all, I am not shure, if I am posting in a correct forum, but anyway, here goes :)


I recently bought a Linksys E4200v1 router and installed dd-wrt kongmod ver. 20575. Everything works really great, no problems with Samba or FTP whatsoever.

There is just one problem with the miniDLNA that is begining to hounts me even in my dreams. The external drive is recognised correctly, other USB settings are ok, I think. What is the thing aboat UUID? I can get it via telnet with a "blkid" command, but what is the purpose of it?


Another thing is, I am not shure, if I am setting the miniDLNA paths the right way. I only entered the paths for music and movies ( for example /tmp/mnt/disc0-part1/MUSIC), but there is only a music folder scaned. If I connect to a media server via my Sony Bravia KDL-32EX727 or with my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000, there are only music folders present, without the movie ones. If I remove music folder from settings, then the movie folders are there, so only one at the time works. What am I doing wrong?


Another thing is MNT mount. How do I do it? Is it necessary?


Sorry for complex or noob questions, but until now, I had no problems with dd-wrt, because I had a router without a USB port.


UPDATE: I removed doubleslash // from the paths, but the problm still occurs.


Thanks for all the answers!

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Sorry for the picture links,

Sorry for the picture links, could not update the pics directly. Please, open the links in your browser to see the screenshots.

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