Most secure home router.

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Most secure home router.

Hi There,

I have a home router with the following setup; All important PCs are hardwired via RJ45 and less important systems (playstation etc) are wireless 802.11g.

I would like to get/configure the most secure home router I can that isolates the WLAN from hardwired systems. i.e. a WLAN device can access the internet but cannot access any hardwired systems.

Firstly, what is the most secure home router that I can get? I had a Juniper SSG20 a while ago but got rid of it because it was massive overkill and with so many options and not enough time to dedicate to it, I was bound to leave a gaping security hole somewhere.

Secondly, my suspicion is that members here might say the 3500. If this is the case can the above configuration be easily done?

Many thanks.