Moving from DD-WRT to Tomato

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Moving from DD-WRT to Tomato

I am a long time user of Tomato with my WRT54GL router. I recently picked up the WNR3500L and thought I was restricted to DD-WRT. I loved the features of Tomato, so nice to throttle the kids watching inane streaming video so I still have some bandwidth.


Anyway, can't flash it tonight 'cause I wouldn't want to interrupt Gossip Girl!

Any caveats or warnings from anyone before I take the plunge?

Can't wait to have Tomato back!


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Sybr said: Tomato is

Sybr said: Tomato is definitely a good firmware. I would have it on my WNR3500L if I could ever get it to work in Client/Ethernet Bridge mode.

Yes I get it work easily. Just go to "basic configuration" and change to "wireless ethernet bridge". You DO NEED do a power cycle (pull out the power cord, then plug it back) your wireless router in order to make it work sometimes.