need advice

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need advice

Ok, please please bear with me. I been fight with my ips and ATT
to get my network back up.


I had DSL. The company I am with, started me out on a ADSL that they
set up with my block of ip's. I have 16. 13 that I can use. One lost
to Network, Boardcast, and the gateway. On friday, I move from my old
house to my new big house which has IFITL (Integrated Fiber In The Loop
Because of this, I can't no longer use my modem. I had to purchase the
netgear router because it support PPPoE, no
problem, most due. Here where the problem because. I can connect to my
ISP and I get my WAN ip, and I can get out, because NAT'ing is turn
on, but I can't get in. I can't ping my GATE. No If I turn NAT'ing off I can't get in or out.


Let me explain a bit about my network, I hope this helps and doesn't
confuse everyone. I will change the ip's for safety reason. But you
should be able to follow along. My router is a Linksys, it might be
the problem.  I got in and set it up for PPPoE with my user id and password. I connect I get the wan ip of, Now I give my router the ip of with asubnet of Now my boxes are on the same


network. I go in the router and turn off NAT'inng. I
can from my linux box ping


but I can't ping any thing
belong it.

The Questions...

anyone know know how I can get the work to see my gateway
Or a way that I can get my network back up? I got a static route but
does doen't help. Should I flash my route with the DD-WRT. I down want
the world to see my wan IP because it does no good for my network. What
I need is the world to see my network No DMZ, No
NAT'ing. Just my network.

I know it weird to ask this list, but I am at a lost. My websites, no
email and wife that doesn't understand that some times these things
take a bit of work.

Thanks a head of time.