Need to Complete Rebuild

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Need to Complete Rebuild

I need to know how to do a complete rebuild.

It appears that all of the needed source code is not included with the download supplied from Netgear. If i change the ver number and module name as defined in "...\bcm5354\project\acos\include\ambitCfg.h".

Then to a rebuild using the instuctions supplied by Netgear, the module  "...\bcm5354\ap\acos\rc\acos_service" is not rebuilt.

There are also a number of other modules that are not being rebuilt using the instuctions supplied by Netgear.  

Can someone please supply the instruction and needed source to allow for a full rebuild of the WGR614L code.

This module also appears to contain the ver# info.

However doing a full rebuild (all 5 makes) does not changed the ver # in output *.chk file.

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Ditto here... - I gave up

Ditto here... - I gave up trying to change netgear's opensource code. What works better is to try out DD-WRT or OpenWRT firmwares or other firmwares of your choice. Try to diff the Kernel from Netgear's code with other's and take only what you must need from the code of WGR614L.

WGR614L is one of the lower priced gears with enough flash and ram to run most open source software - but WGR614L is NOT really a open source router and since from the look of it the copyright of this ACOS or AMBIT thingy is owned by some "Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co. Ltd." - must be the ODM who creates the software. In fact except the kernel, rest of the open sourece code in this "Hon Hai Precision" software is mostly useless. And most of the firmware is closed source.

I doubt if Netgear can release sources for such softwares. The Likes of Netgear, Linksys, D-Link does not really develop or own the software/firmwares, usually the ODMs deliver the completed devices with firmware and hardware as par the spec and these large brands takes it as it is. I have tried to get source codes from other companies and it seems they can't do much except passing the information to the ODMs.

Netgear sure does test the firmwares from a functional aspect, but I doubt if they have the neccessary development labs/frameworks/personnel to make sure the code that is sent by the ODM is really something useful or that it corresponds to the firmware.

Good Luck...