Need Help In setting up my WNDR4500 netgear N900

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Ankit Jain
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Need Help In setting up my WNDR4500 netgear N900

Hello All,

i am new to this forum and need assistance with my router. I have gone through many links but have not been successful.

I have a 2TB Seagate Expansion HDD connected to the router and the readyshare is enabled. I can access the HDD from my laptop over the wireless network (2.4 ghz bandwidth). When i try to copy and paste files to this hard drive the transfer speed is extremely low.. 500KBps. How can i improve it. I have heard people getting much much higher transfer rate.

Here is what i wish to achieve:-

1. Use my router DLNA as a media server and access the media stored in the 2 TB hdd connected to the router wirelessly on my TV.
2. Able to download torrent files directly to the 2 TB hard drive at high speed.
3. Able to copy and transfer files between my laptop and the 2TB hard drive connected to router.

I am not able to telnet to my modem as well.

I would really appreciate any help in this regard. Please provide me step by step instructions and the necessary software to achieve this.

Thanks & Regards