Need R7500v2 Board ID.

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Need R7500v2 Board ID.

Any chance someone here could post the R7500V2 Retail Board ID as shown in CLI from telnet?


I have a very old R7500v2 with Engineering Firmware on it, and cannot upgrade to the initial release FW.   I highly suspect the Board ID (in software) has changed from the Engineering sample to the final initial release, and I would like to try using burnboardID command to change it. 

Currently, I am unable to load ANY firmware (factory, OpenWRT, or DD-WRT) higher than my Engineering release, as the unit will not accept any of them.

Physical inspection shows the printed board ID (and board layout) match the Wikidevi and FCC pages for this HW.   

So if somebody can post the CLI board ID, I can try to use that value to change it on my sample, and see if that fixes the FW upgrade issues.