Need some advice on Firmware R7000 QoS and Gaming

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Need some advice on Firmware R7000 QoS and Gaming

Hi I'm on Netgear R7000 Official Firmware Version: V1.0.5.48_1.1.79. So far so good, I have a few questions regarding QoS for gaming.

1. Whenever someone connected wirelessly streams some videos/video calls, my ping will rise from 57ms to 300ms-700ms. I have set my computer to have highest priority on QoS Gaming setup, and low for the wireless devices streaming the videos/video calls. 

2. Is there any way I can limit wireless devices, bandwidth? upload and download?

3. Heard AdvanceTomato is a good firmware to do what I wanted on number 2, but I have no experience installing and using one of those, I'm afraid I might brick my router (I have no spare).

4. If I'm going to use AdvancedTomato, I suppose I'm good to go given I'm on Official Firmware? Just install it, or do I have to reset my router first? 


Thanks for the heads up! I am loving the range this router gives.