Need some help configuring my R7000

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Need some help configuring my R7000

I've used DDWRT for a gret manyyears now - i am probably like uite a few folks... i like to dabble, i get it set up then i dont look at it again untilits time to buy a new router.  I've configured WDS and other beyond the basic stuff before. 

Well i bought a new R7000 the other day and I flashed it pretty quickly (note that it wasnt that intuitive to be certin that what i downloaded was teh right file but it woked and this is what my router now shows: 

FirmwareDD-WRT v3.0-r28000M kongac (10/24/15)


So What i wnat to do i think is fairly typical I would think but I am not getting past 1st base with this.  I have not even begun to think about VPN and QoS.  i stumble at te secod hurdle (OK I am mixing my baseball and my track and field metaphors, i know!) 


 I want three VAPs, I'll call  them: 

  • mynet - just vanilla WLAN for my regular daily use. 
  • mynetUK (bridged to a PPTP VPN service that takes me into the UK through my VPN service)
  • myguestnet - a separate network qith lower QoS for my guests.  


So I configure Wireless Physical Interface wl0  as mynet.  No security.  All is good. I add security WPA2 personal - AES.  All is good. 

When i add a Virtual Interfaces wl0.1 SSID=mynetUk agan all is good.  I add security all is good. 
when i say all is good, i have android phones (MotoX 1st gen; MotoX 2nd gen and Moto G) and Windows computers (Win7 and Win10) and they can all get in to all the networks. 

when I get to having the myguestnet added as Virtual Interfaces wl0.2 , I can no longer see mynet on the physical interface. Ihave to add a third virtual interface with mynet to get to see it again. My first question: is this as expected? 

so when i then have my three virtual APs configurared with no security they all work.  When i add the security, the phoens connect but none of teh windows will.  I am at a loss. I have tried so many combinations.


I have factory reset, started over, stepat a time, but no matter what when i get to the three VAPs with security.  Nope. it wont work.  These two hours are right up there with watching The Interview as the biggest waste of my time ever! :-) 

What is the recommended Wireless physical and virtual set up for something like this.  


As I say, I have not gotten past 1st base on this and it was all rather frustrating with all my kids also yelling at me to get the network back up! :-) 

Your help and counsel is greatly appreciated.