Netgear plus ADSL Router....

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Netgear plus ADSL Router....


I'll try to be clear....

My internet connection is made by an ADSL router which has several particularities:

- Limited router skills (no routing for example, only very basic functions), and no bridge mode is possible.

- It has a built-in NAS 250GB drive, with FTP and Windows/Samba share.

- The router is divided in two parts: one is called 'server' and is the 'internet connection' part, and the other part is calld 'TV Player'. The two parts are a sort of Mini-LAN, through PLC.

The LAN subnet is 192.168.0.xx..

As bridge mode is not possible, I installed my Netgear (Tomato Toastman firmware) using WAN connection and setting its IP as DMZ to be able to use all Toastman functions (VPN doesn't work either for example). My Netgear sub-LAN is 192.168.1.xx.


From your TV, with 'TV Player' you can explore and watch the content of the 'server' NAS. From any computer of the Netgear sub-LAN you can access to the 'server' NAS through Samba or FTP protocol.


I use a permanent PPTP client connection, to make things simplier (for example I have to establish permanent routes to be ables to access to my ISP SMTP server, as ID is IP based...).


Is there a way to make my Netgear visible from the ISP router? And so far, enabling a direct access to the harddrive attached to my Netgear from my TV?


Would it be easier if my Netgear router was connected as a simple repeater, with WAN side disabled? But would it mean that PPTP connection couldn't be set?