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Netgear R7000P Tomato

Hello! Im looking for a release of tomato for the Netgear R7000P, because i am looking to buy it, and like Tomato more the DD-WRT.

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Were you able to find a

Were you able to find a release? I'm looking for it as well.

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Isn't this it: https://www
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Hi, a bit of time has passed

Hi, a bit of time has passed since this thread was last active. I've got an R7000P and looking for alternative builds based on Tomato. I had Kong's DDWRT build on it but I've given up on it since the 5Ghz network disappeared and I couldn't get it working again (see other threads on here).

Anyone aware of alternatives? Cheers...

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I am using the R7000 test

I am using the R7000 test build from:       Have not experienced any problems so far

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Ditto, looking for Tomato for

Ditto, looking for Tomato for the R700P (not the R7000). Will it brick the router if I flash the one for the R7000?

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I too have this question. I

I too have this question. I have not been pleased with the DDWRT performance in my case and want to give Tomato a try. I think, looking at the chipsets, the R7000 and R7000P are similar and are all Broadcom, however, I want to be sure flashing Tomato will at least work before trying. Does anyone have info on this? 

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I would think R7000P software

I would think R7000P software would not work for R7000, different hardware. I went back to DD WRT because i couldn't find Tomato newer than 2017 versions.

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Well they were all stored at

Well they were all stored at but he has moved on and no longer supporting r7000p wish someone would make a tomato for it.

I have had zero luck other than tock firemwareannd the despiro flashes always had issues. If anyone has some more info or if voxel is now the lead man for r7000p plese let me know if not here [email protected] is fine too. But the stock is absolute crap. Someone please gimme good news.!

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This is the latest on tomato
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Guys I am yet to buy a router

Guys I am yet to buy a router. Am considering R7000p over R7000(same price here). The only thing that worries me is that dd wrt supported page does not list R7000p Chk files. Is it because its unstable or something like that?

my next option is Dlink 882 or tplink c9. Which one should i buy ?

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better off buy other options.

better off buy other options.

i have the 7000p and the 5GHz band died a few weeks after running as almost all other people who have it.

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Yep, just like gargameloo

Yep, just like gargameloo said. OpenWRT / DDWRT broke my 5 GHZ wifi on my 7000p after about a week. I would stay away from that. Anyone else knnow of something that can be flashed to 7000p that would work? 

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Well, thats unfortunate,

Well, thats unfortunate, because thats exactly why I am trying DDWRT.. as the Netgear forums are full of posts about the 5GHZ dropping issue, that I have been trying to solve for months.. and having downgraded to, and attempted to use many different versions of netgear firmware.. someone posted in the Netgear forums that DDWRT solved their issue.. so.. maybe its not firmware.. but hardware instead.. Ive had the Router for about 1.5 years, and it was flawless for the first year...

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Welp, that's exactly why I am

Welp, that's exactly why I am here. Worked fine for 1.5 years, now my 5ghz band just freezes up, all devices get kicked and I can't connect to it until reboot. Sometimes it works for hours sometimes minutes. Figure I would try Tomato. But I tried openwrt a year ago and 5ghz wouldn't even show up after a week. 

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So, I've been playing with my

So, I've been playing with my R7000P for a few days/weeks now.

Initially bought as faulty owing to botched flash and got it working by flashing with serial/tftp.

I've tried useding DDWRT to no avail. It's crap, missing channels and 5Ghz is pants.

I've tried using original firmware which works better but I've noticed after a little while, the router just completely craps out, wireless drops, throughput drops. Properly shits the bed.

I'm an engineer by trade so figured I would pull it apart and see what I found. Hardware wise, everything looks pretty good condition. However, I found that there are small patches of thermal padding between the main router processor and WiFi IC's and memory/ram and they looked particularly worse for wear.

The thermal pads are typically soaked in oil for heat conductivity and the heatsink in mine was soaked in oil. Likewise, the pads on the processor and IC's were dry as anything.

Luckily, I had some fresh pads purchased recently to refurb a GPU and replaced them all. That was a few hours ago and it seems to be working still.

Last time the router was off, it was off for a while so had cooled down. Last time it was used, it was used for about 7/8 hours before it crapped out. If it's still working tomorrow, I'll be amazed!

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So 5GHz band still broken after you replaced the thermal pads?

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I bit the bullet and tried

I bit the bullet and tried DDWrt again with R7000p. It's been working fine both 2.4 and 5ghz band for 2 month now. The key is to install the latest nightly build and not the version that is referenced on the site. 

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Which version did you use? I

Which version did you use? I have a R6900P which is a stripped down version of the 7000p and I'm having a lot of issues with the netgear firmware.