New 9050 beta20 firmware

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New 9050 beta20 firmware

Anyone tested it? 


Seems to correct many bugs (cf Changelog)

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I slapped the beta20 on a

I slapped the beta20 on a couple of WNR3500Ls in a WDS setup and I am not happy with the transfer speeds. Pretty much everything else (haven't tested USB) functionally seems to work.

I've moved files between 200MB and 4GB across the WDS network with wireless speed set to "Auto" in tomato and the max. speed being reported by the transfer progress bar is about 17Mbps. (2MBps). Tomato's Overview window is reporting speeds between 54Mbps and 81Mbps but that's not correct. These speeds are slower than what I used to get with my WRT54Gs over WDS.

My setup (channel 8):

Computer...wired...router1....wifi around 50 feet...router2...wired...Computer

If I set the speed to N-only and channel width set to 40MHz, WDS does not work - the routers don't talk to each other. I've been a tomato user on my dual wrt54Gs for nearly 4 years and if I cannot figure this out, I'll have to go to DD-WRT or the stock firmware. Going to try different channels in a bit.

Edit: WAN IP on the primary router's dropping frequently. Guess it's time to give up. I was so hopeful too - gonna try DD-WRT now. Oh well.

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I'll give feedback. I don't

I'll give feedback. I don't use WDS feature. So I'll mainly report on WAN stability.