new firmware for Netgear Extender (EX6200)?

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new firmware for Netgear Extender (EX6200)?

I just bought a Neatgear wifi extender (the 6200). I'm wondering if open firmware exists for this thing that would get rid of a very annoying feature: as far as I can tell, it takes all the MAC addresses of devices that connect to it, and instead of passing them on to the main router, it gives them virtual MAC addresses, which screws up my MAC access allow list on the main router (everything will be rejected). Is there an alternative firmware that doesn't do that?

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Can I change the DNS address

Can I change the DNS address on my EX6200 so that it is not the same as that on my router, a ZYXEL P8702N. I wish to set up the EX6200 so that it connects to my UnoTelly account and allows me to change my geolocation to the UK and not Norway. I would like to connect my Now TV Box to the EX 6200

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hi there

hi there

just dissableing dns did the trick for me..