New to R7000 .. I need help/info on tomato and how to switch to it

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Chris Danks
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New to R7000 .. I need help/info on tomato and how to switch to it


I bought the netgear R7000 for its VPN Capabilities, however i want a router with a VPN client built in it so i can use the likes of iphone to make a VPN connection direct to the router with a login user/pass.

Would flashing with tomato allow me to do this?

I see the firmware files here < correctly me if i am wrong and this is something else.

Where can I find a step by step guide to flashing the firmware from Netgear to this one, and also if i had problems is their a way to swap back?



Jason Rousseau
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I don't have an answer for

I don't have an answer for your question nor do I have the nighthawk I am also seeking VPN help as well...I heard decent things about the Nighthawk but after the R6300 may be thru with Netgear because of the customer service, web forums in the difficulties in finding any suitable FW yet and thought about Tomato, but never used that FW yet but desperately looking for some sort of solution.
I am new to "MY OPEN ROUTER" WONDERING if this forum is gonna take off or be a waste of my time. Good luck, hope you find what you are looking for, Jason.

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If you just want VPN

If you just want VPN capabilities on the router that allow you to connect from the outside (say your iPhone) to the home router in a secure way then the Netgear Genie stock firmware that comes with the R7000 can already do that. This is OpenVPN server functionality. No need to flash your router with 3rd party software.

VPN client functionality means the router connects as a client to another VPN server so all traffic from the LAN going through the router is encrypted. This the Netgear genie stock software cannot do. But you could use Tomato or DD-WRT (the Kong build you already mentioned and linked). Both can do both VPN client and server.

You can find all the answers here in the forum, most of your questions have already been asked and answered.