Newbie needs help!!

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Newbie needs help!!

I have a mac set up at home with a westel router hooked to it with Verizon dsl. I have my old pc in the other room with the wireless netgear to reach the mac. I just got a dell laptop with windows vista and dell sold me netgear router that they said I would need. I have no idea how to set up this new router so I can get my laptop online. I think the mac in the other room has a built in modem. My new laptop will not let me connnect to the old router thats plugged into the mac. How do I set up this new netgear router wgr614l so I can get this lap top on line?

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Hi ,

Hi ,
Your problem is not fully clear to me but what it seems from your post is that
a> You want to get your new laptop online using netgear router and you want that your mac should also be able to access net and you have a westell modem hooked to your mac.
b> You want that your mac remains hooked to westel router and you should be able to access net with your laptop and new netgear router without hooking your laptop to westel router.

If case 'a' is your problem then you can configure your netgear router in AP mode , connect its WAN port to the westell modem and connect both your laptop and mac to router either through wired or wireless connection.
DHCP should be enabled if you have not given static IPs to your laptop and mac.

If case 'b' is your problem and if westel router provides wireless interface then you can configure your netgear router as a wireless repeater bridge , get it connected to westel router and connect your laptop to the netgear router's virtual AP interface .
For configuring netgear as a repeater bridge you can refer to the following link :

Hope it will help you in getting your set up ready ...