No wifi and power led solid amber Netgear 3500L

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No wifi and power led solid amber Netgear 3500L

Hi all

I need an advice about what happened to me this morning with my Netgear 3500L router

I installed long time ago ddwrt custom firmware (I am not close to the router so I can't be more specific)

Only once. Everything went ok until this morning :

1/My power led remains solid amber

2/I can access the router by wired connexion, it is not bricked !

3/No wifi, wheras in the ddwrt menu broadcoast seems ok.

I reboot automatically my router each monday 2.00 am, it looks something went wrong after last reboot.

This morning, I was hurry so I have just power off - power on the router, but it remained in the same state.

Any idea ?

ps : I don't contribute so I use this post to thanks the great job the community does and how much it helped me to install my firmware by reading your posts


[EDIT] I thought hard reset will solve the problem, in fact it does, but when i reload my nvram I have the same issue. I think I will upgrade to the last ddwrt since I will have to enter manually all my settings :(

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Ok flashing new firmware and

Ok flashing new firmware and setting up the router without nvram importation file solve the problem.
For more security I made 30-30-30 reset before flashing and after !
Now works fine with 20500M built.

I will still be glad if someone can explain me what happened ?