Open source = Privacy? + Whats best?

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Open source = Privacy? + Whats best?

Two separate questions I’m in need of answers too.

The first question:

Does installing an open source firmware like dd-wrt or tomato fully protect against netgear sending back data about my router?

I disabled the two opt out options on the stock firmware but in the terms of service agreement it said that even if i did this some stuff would still be sent. Does installing open source firmware prevent this data from being sent as well or does this continue to be sent behind the scenes even though I’m using non-netgear firmware?

Second question:

Are there particular advantages/disadvantages over what open source firmware i use? Or i guess what I’m really interested in knowing is what is best, dd-wrt, tomato or some other firmware?

My router is a Nighthawk R7000.

If it helps the setup i’m looking to use the router with is a combo of gaming/general surfing/streaming along with a pfsense openvpn client gateway behind the router. Internet speed is 350mbps.