Open source release requires GCC 4.5.2! Ick.

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Open source release requires GCC 4.5.2! Ick.

Opensource release V1.0.2.12 seems to require GCC 4.5.2. I'm trying to use a newer (not 6 year old) GCC release, and very soon into the build I get-

make[2]: Entering directory '/home/rektide/src/r7800/scripts/config'
In file included from
zconf.hash.c:159:43: warning: 'kconf_id_strings_contents' is static but used in inline function 'kconf_id_lookup' which is not static
 #define kconf_id_strings ((const char *) &kconf_id_strings_contents)
zconf.hash.c:226:44: note: in expansion of macro 'kconf_id_strings'
               register const char *s = o + kconf_id_strings;
zconf.hash.c:219:26: warning: 'kconf_id_hash' is static but used in inline function 'kconf_id_lookup' which is not static
       register int key = kconf_id_hash (str, len);
zconf.hash.c:175:26: warning: 'wordlist' is static but declared in inline function 'kconf_id_lookup' which is not static
   static struct kconf_id wordlist[] =
                          ^~~~~~~~ In function `zconflex': undefined reference to `kconf_id_lookup' undefined reference to `kconf_id_lookup'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
<builtin>: recipe for target 'conf' failed
make[2]: *** [conf] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory '/home/rektide/src/r7800/scripts/config'
This seems really harsh and really bad and really awful, a code drop with antiquated tools no one else uses any more. I was really hoping for more from myopenrouter. I'm aware there are other people with r7800 support, but none seem to package the litany of packages modules to support the hardware features of this platform.
I was also a bit disappointed to find out the menuconfig from OpenWRT has been stripped out. The official r7800 open source release seems to use OpenWRT, but it just takes some of the build infrastructure that it want to use while seemingly getting rid of all the tools anyone else might use to developer. It seems unfortunate to have canibalized so much of the underlying OpenWRT to make this.
Anyone else having a better time with the official r7800 open source releases? This is from V1.0.2.12. 
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Original  stock uses GCC-linaro v 4.6. You can take missing toolchain for GPL from e.g. firmware for R7500v2. There is no toolchain included into GPL.


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Tested compile works under

Tested compile works under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installing GCC/G++ 4.5.2 and all needed dependencies (you can try make and then install what's missing..) from non ROOT user.



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Tested compile works also

Tested compile works also under Ubuntu 14.04 with GCC 4.8.4 (thx to Voxel for direction...)

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Hey positive note- the v1.0.2

Hey positive note- the v1.0.2.28 firmware has a toolchain.tar.bz2 file! That's a big help (vs Voxel's suggestion of borrowing a toolchain from R7500), thanks Netgear developers!