Open Source Routers, Software. Looking for direction.

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Open Source Routers, Software. Looking for direction.


I am new to the world of high speed internet.  I have purchased an Arris SB6183.  I will be placing my order for 60 GB/s service after I determine which router to purchase.  Note the maximum speed available in this market is 1000 GB/s.  Netgear is one of the brands I like and this model and the X4S are my primary candidates.  I must also be honest.  Most of these are likely to be more than our small household needs.  Three poeple, each with a computer and smartphone and the square footage of the house ~2000 ft^2.  We stream video occassionally with examples of shoes, movies and sports.  We do not game and have no desire to become active in this pasttime.  I should plan for 4K hardware because if one of our monitors requires repair or dies it will be replaced with a 4K monitor in view of their low cost.


My attraction to open routers is improving the functionality of it.

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You're choosing a beast of a

You're choosing a beast of a router with the X4S.   Perhaps a bit of future proofing for you but, for your described usage it's the proverbial elephant gun to shoot the flea.    I assume you're looking at the AC-2600 which is the R7800-100NAS gaming model.  Expensive, reliable and fast.    In the scheme of things, I wouldn't disuade you from going higher end with this model for $50 to $100 buck more considering you'll probably have it for several years.   I've had the R7000 for a couple years now and love it!!  I've been a DD-WRT user since the first Linksys WRT days; I currently stick with the Kong versions which are tested on the R7000 before upgrade releases.    Your potential router choice will run DD-WRT just fine and will cover a house 2X larger than you describe.   You should be able to stream on your lawn tractor while cutting grass on the back 40.    Open source will definately improve the functionality and take a hard look at using the router's USB ports to set up network drives for family file sharing and backups.    Good luck.