OpenJTAG under Eclipse on Spruce -SolidDigi STM32 Arduino Compatible Board

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OpenJTAG under Eclipse on Spruce -SolidDigi STM32 Arduino Compatible Board

OpenJTAG and OpenOCD under Eclipse

I bought from an item named Spruce -SolidDigi STM32 Arduino Compatible Board With LCD

And then I tried to debug the board under Eclipse!

1. Install OpenOCD





Next, unselect “Add the make utils to the PATH variable” under “Make utils”:


Click “next” to continue until finish the installation.

2. Download in command line mode:Copy openocd.cfg to directory “eclipse_projects”.Connect openjtag to the Spruce, and in command line run:



Next “telnet localhost 4444”Type the following command:


Poll: poll spruce status

Halt:stop the spruce board

Stm32x mass_erase 0: mass erase flash

Flash write_image hex with file full path: write program to flash

Reset: reset the spruce

Note: stop the development board, mass erase, and then write the program to flash.


3. Download and debug under Eclipse:

3.1 Configure the connection of Openocd

In menu, Run->External tools->External tools Configurations

Click the following in sequence, Name、Location、Working Directory and thenArguments, click apply

Name                            openocd

Location                        openocd-ftd2xx.ex’s full path

Working Directory         workspac’s full path

Arguments                    -f openocd.cfg’s full path



Open Build options, remove “Build before launch” and click “apply”



3.2 Debug configuration:Click the project name ->Run->debug configuration->double click Zylin Embeddeddebug(Native), the following window will show up


Select “Debugger” and add location of the debug tool: CodeSourcery->SourceryG++ Lite->bin->arm-none-eabi-gdb.exe.(Default: C:\Program Files\CodeSourcery\Sourcery G++Lite\bin\arm-none-eabi-gdb.exe)


Open “Commands” option and add the following commands:

target remote localhost:3333

monitor halt

monitor poll

monitor stm32x mass_erase 0


monitor reset init

break Reset_Handler

break main




4. Download and debugClick Debug button in eclipse to enter into debug panel, click to openopenocd,and the following information will show up when connected to openjtag:


Clickand select “DebugConfiguration”


Select the file to be debug, and single click “Debug” to begin debug.


Waiting for the program to be downloaded to spruce:

After downloading, click to run the program, and single click or F5to single step debug.


We can double click to set breakpoints and debug.


Isn't it nice !