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Does anyone have OpenVPN working with their WGR614? I just bought a netgear for this purpose but haven't been able to find a firmware that supports OpenVPN.


Thinking I need to go and get a LinkSys :(

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Probably Netgear supports VPN

Probably Netgear supports VPN passthrough. OpenVPN is not fully implemented here. I am not quite sure about the other firmwares - let me check it and will reply to you once I find anything positive..

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Similar here - want to

Similar here - want to implement OpenVPN in Client Mode on the router.
Actually I want to send my parents the WGR614L, already configured to phone home to my server and VPN us together. Thusly giving me full access to their home network for tech support.

My research shows DD-WRT supports it, but it seems we need a custom build with the OpenVPN code compiled in. Adding it after the fact with ipkg is not working or no longer supported. The version Nachi posted is the default trunk without OpenVPN rolled in.

I have never compiled for a target device before... should be fun. :)
Now to find the time.

Side Note: DD-WRT v24 SP1 otherwise worked great for me.

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Thanks for the information

Thanks for the information Sirspammenot.

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