OpenVPN Performance on R8500 with DD-WRT Kong Mod?

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Peter Redmer
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OpenVPN Performance on R8500 with DD-WRT Kong Mod?

Hey everybody,

I'm curious what you're seeing performance wise on your R8500, running the DD-WRT "Kong Mod," All of these tests were performed via wired Ethernet and Powerline.

Normally, I get between 70-95 Mbps down from my ISP, depending on the testing server and current network use, without OpenVPN enabled:

With OpenVPN enabled, I almost always max out at about 40-45 Mbps. This is generally higher than what I've seen on other NETGEAR routers, where I've experienced anywhere from 20 Mbps up to 30-35 Mbps overall. So it's definitely an improvement.

Furthermore, the router seems to hardly blink an eye. Even with network transfers from a NAS, streaming video, streaming music, and at least 5 devices connected I could only get the CPU to ramp up to about 10-11% or so.

I'm wondering if there is a way to squeeze better performance and speeds from OpenVPN? Is this limited mostly by the protocol/standard in this case, as it doesn't seem to be stressing the CPU as much as I would have thought?

Letting the experts chime in :)

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Ive been getting the same

I've been getting the same speeds. So far havn't found a way to get any more out of it but usualy it is all I need. Did you ever get more speed out of yours?