Openvpn Server configuration

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Openvpn Server configuration

Need some help setting up openvpn server

To summarize:

  • E4200 on Openvpn Kong 18730 usb-ftp-samba3-vpn
  • Certificates created on ubuntu 10.04 (also the client pc)
  • Setup via GUI
  • WANup
  • Router (tun)
  • Network
  • Netmask

I have never had it working or have used openvpn been playing with the last couple of days but still unsuccesfull.

I tried following the wiki on openvpn but can't get server to start.

Does anyone have any suggestion or example configuration.


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Here is an excellent tutorial

Here is an excellent tutorial for openvpn on dd-wrt. They also have one for tomato. Both have worked for me.

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Have it sort of working

Have it sort of working
The fault was in network, should have been set to not .1
This resulted that server wouldn't start due ip/network conflict.

E4200 has plenty of nvram space ;)
size: 40044 bytes (21396 left)

Do you use tun or tap?
Still have to figure out what I want to use.
Seem to be benefits in both.