OpenVPN slows by over 80%

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OpenVPN slows by over 80%

Hi all!

I am an experienced Noob, here.  In other words, I know the difference between a router and a modem, USB from a CAT5 and ESP from ESPN.  And more importantly, I can follow directions, and usually retain my learning from doing...  So, here we are.  I'm an empty book, teach me, please!

I've updated my R8000 router's firmware with Tomato firmware and am using the router to connect to the VPN service called VPN Unlimited.  Everything is running just fine until I start the VPN within the Tomato firmware.  Originally, I get 100-120 Mbps wired and when I turn on the VPN, it drops to 26-22 Mbps.  And upload speeds go from 9-12 Mbps to 6-8 Mbps.

I have communicated with VPN Unlimited through email.  (The best reply time from any customer service dept., mind you.  Seriously less than 10 minutes reply time, no matter what time of day or night).  Anyway, I digress.  His answers haven't really helped, but the reply time?  Top notch!  ;o)

So now, I'm reaching out to the real experts.  What am I doing wrong?  Because I don't know what info you need, I'll let you fire away with the questions I hope I can answer.


I do know this:

1.  It's a Netgear R8000

2. Tomato v1.28 by Shibby.  AIO patch

3.  The VPN service I have is VPN Unlimited from

4.  The instructions I followed to a T are at the website:

5.  All of my setting screen grabs are here in .jpg form in a dropbox file:

6.  My guy at VPN Unlimited told me to connect to the nearest server.  So, I connected to Miami, which is the closest to me.  To no avail, it still gave me the same results.  But, oddly enough, when I checked to verify it was connecting to Miami, it wasn't.  It was actually connected to L.A., CA.  So, I connected to Houston, TX.  Same.  Then Virginia.  Same...  


So here we are....  Let me know what you think.



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Same issue here ..

Same issue here ..

I just flashed my router(albeit an old on,,netgear WNDR3400v2) with dd-wrt and installed VPN ,my wifi went from 70 down to 8 ..??

I read up a lot before doing this and found most everyone said to expect a 10% drop...

Not sure if getting a new router would help out or not ..















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I've got the same issue .

I've got the same issue .

I installed a VPN on my router and my speeds went from 80 to 7 ...

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I had the same question once.. and when I got my answer I stopped using VPN in my routers.

VPN takes a lot of procesing resources.. and I mean a *lot*. It has to channel and encrypt/decrypt all traffic in real time.  Try watching VPN CPU usage on your computer.. and your computer is *vastly* more powerful than Broadcom chips that are in the R8000.  While the R8000 is no slouchl, something will have to be sacrificed for that securty when you VPN tunnel all your traffic.. that something will be bandwidth.

I believe Kong's DD-WRT versions MIGHT be faster (because he's using a different and better optimized library for the heavy lifting of the VPN work) but overall you're going to lose bandwidth if you install VPN on the router.  Sorry.. :-/




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Stop blaiming the router.

Stop blaiming the router. Stop blaming DD-WRT. I have and have had VPN's running for years on R7000 (currently 3) and now R8000. Speed is excellent only about a 30% hit and the processor isn't working very hard. for 100Mbps down I'm getting 74.89Mbps over wifi through the VPN. Your settings somewhere on your royer are wrong. Period. I'm always running the very latest binary for firmware. So, backup your setting, restore the router to DD-WRT brand new and just setup your VPN and test because something you are doing is messing it up.