Parental requirements

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Parental requirements

Hi router protector people,

I need filtering for my kids but cant find it with this set up:

- minimum two paths to the web: i.e. 1) no porn and 2) no porn + no distractions

- selectable pre-maintained catogrized black/white lists (like openDNS)

- identifying the user is to be done via mac address or seperate wifi account (not via browser user/login)

- no software on local devices that all have root access


Prefered options.

- a GUI - if not possible then which openRouter is most suited to this task?

- it would be nice if i could have more than two paths so the 6 year old has different restritions to the 14 year old, but not essensial

- block local dns change. (i.e. port block)

- To only allow homework in thier bedroom (on the strong signal) and video/web-games in the sitting room. I guess i do this by being able to run a second wifi SSID at reduced signal output (this is so when the child is further from the router they are not able to access distractions i.e. doing homework in thier bedroom (on the strong signal) but when they are in the sitting room where the router is located it's ok for video/web-games)

thanks for reading this far! rafal