Permission Error installint Transmission

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Permission Error installint Transmission


I just bought a brand new R6250, and installed the latest KONG DD-WRT(DD-WRT v3.0-r28000M kongac (10/24/15))


I just cant install Transmission client.

I tried the following guide:


But when installing i get this error running this script: - wget -O /tmp/

sh /tmp/

this error:

/tmp/ line 94: /opt/sbin/ldconfig: Permission denied
/tmp/ line 95: /opt/bin/ipkg: Permission denied
/tmp/ line 96: /opt/bin/ipkg: Permission denied
/tmp/ line 97: /opt/bin/ipkg: Permission denied


Which results in nothing working.

I tried accessing the directory, and the permissions looks correct.

I also tried mounting the driver to fit the script, but still not working.

Can anyone help me getting, thanks alot!


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you have to use /bin

you have to use /bin/bootstrap to use opkg instead of lpkg

unfortunately russian ips are blocked on