Plex & OpenWRT

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Plex & OpenWRT

Hi there,

did anyone port over plex to OpenWRT or is there any description on how to do this?

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Here is the official download

Here is the official download channel from plex:

Here are the files from netgear:

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Gotcha: Download https:/

Gotcha: Download in openwrt, gunzip, untar, cd /mnt/sda1/ and run ./

then find the server running on http://routerip:32400/web

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I tryed it on a linksys

I tryed it on a linksys wrt1200ac with openwrt 15.05.1 but I get the following errors:

./ line 16: config: not found
./ line 21: config: not found

The lines are these:

export PLEX_MEDIA_SERVER_APPLICATION_SUPPORT_DIR="`config get plex_file_path`/Library/Application Support"


export TMPDIR="`config get plex_file_path`
I modified that lines to:


export TMPDIR="${SCRIPTPATH}/tmp"

I created the folders "support" and "tmp" on the script folder, and when I run ./ start, the scripts runs with no errors, but the server it's not running.