Poor performance whenTomato Qos is enabled

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Poor performance whenTomato Qos is enabled

I tested on only 1 scenario, large file transfers (>512KB) and all other priority classifications are removed. I used megaupload.com (NOTE that w/ megaupload, the upload throughput is very close to the theoritical maximum.) However, I stil see that w/ QoS DISABLED, the throughput is HIGHER than w/ QoS ENABLED. See results below.

-With megaupload, the upload throughput improves (as compared to using single rapidshare, torrent upload, etc.,) to near the theoritical maximum (~640Kbps).

  TestCase  Configuration QoS Disabled (upload Kbps) QoS Enabled (upload Kbps)
1 2 3
1 2 3
1 HTTP Large File Transfer Router:
  Remove all prioritiy classes.
  Add "TCP DstPort 80,443, Transferred at 512KB+" class at Highest priority.
  Uncheck Prioritize ACK.
  Upload a 2-3MB file.
672 671 687 677 641 604 622 622

Not sure what I could be doing wrong. Any expert tips/help much appreciated.