port forwarding issue

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port forwarding issue

I use Advanced Tomato 136. I have run into an issue where port forwarding works properly except for when the port exists on the router itself.


I run Transmission on the router and cannot get to the gui from a remote site, but I CAN get to a web server being port forwarded that runs on my NAS.This is a quirky problem that I have not been able to solve.

I've scoured IPTABLES and I do see a reference:

0     0 DNAT       tcp  --  *      *              tcp dpt:9091 to:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx [my local router IP] 
9091 is the port used by the Transmission gui. 
strangely, I do not see a reference to the port number I use for remote administration and I cannot access the Tomato gui remotely either, even though that option is turned on (http only). 
any ideas?