possible TURLA vulnarability (atp/botnet) R6300 dd-wrt firmware

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possible TURLA vulnarability (atp/botnet) R6300 dd-wrt firmware

dd-wrt (latest, and older, for Netgear R6300), appears to have a TURLA vulnerability:

article below:
(this is semi-new and not well-known, it is an ATP/botnet, and sends remote commands...it is activated via. a TCP & UDP combination described in the below link (article is short)

(several, but not all antivirus vendors have articles listed, and this thing is nasty!)

you may wish to block, this also has a win equivelant. (major version affects linux and linux-based installs!)

Thank you
-Jess Sosnoski

(i was not sure where to send this, if possible, please get back to me :) )
btw...love dd-wrt!