PPTP Support on WRT54G V8

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PPTP Support on WRT54G V8


 I heard rumors about maybe making a micro+ version of DDWRT for PPTP support on WRT54G V8. 

Does anyone know if PPTP support is available for the WRT54G V8 router, or am I at a loss? If not, what are some other free VPN solutions I could consider?

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This site is dedicated to Netgear WGR614L and other Netgear products ...
I doubt if anyone here can provide you any info regarding this ...
I would suggest you to look into some linksys sites or do some googling ...
You can try OpenVPN also ......

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Fynamic PPTP support for your

Fynamic PPTP support for your wrt54g v8 router is provided by Linksys. Amazing the stuff you can find on the manufacturers website huh? Just download the firmware http://www.linksysbycisco.com/CA/en/support/WRT54G/download and review the RELEASE NOTES.