PPTP VPN problems......

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PPTP VPN problems......

I cannot connect to my work VPN server using the PPTP connection type in WAN settings - I have the following information on my VPN server:

IP Address, username, password, DNS server, gatway

I can successfully connect on my iPhone using the built in VPN clent - simply enter the IP address, login details and it works! Why can't dd-wrt do the same. I have followed instructions on forums etc but it does not seem to work. My setup is: 

DD-WRT v24-sp2 (06/06/14) kongac 
(SVN revision 24200M) 

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I had DD-WRT on a TP-Link

I had DD-WRT on a TP-Link router running with PPTP connection to purevpn but with the R7000 running DD-WRT K3 for NETGEAR R7000 Nighthawk WiFi Router Kong build 24200 I get no connection the purevpn server.

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There is a bug right now in

There is a bug right now in the gre kernel stuff, try this, disable the all options on the VPN passthru settings page and try again, if the gre modules are not loaded it works for me.

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Thanks Kong for the

Thanks Kong for the workaround but it doesn't work for me. I don't get a connection to a purevpn server. What I see is at the "Status - WAN" panel:
at IP address there is a address that comes from the dsl modem dhcp with a subnet mask of, at Gateway I get an external ip address (purevpn server!?) and at DNS1 I find the ip address of my dsl modem. Is this correct?

Furthermore the Total traffic values jump between two different values: 0/2925 for in and 0/17592186040320 (out)!?