Proper way to reset/clear/erase the R8000

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Proper way to reset/clear/erase the R8000

I posted on another thread but this might be worthy of a seperate topic for people to reference.  I'm hoping that maybe KONG or others can point people like me in the right direction with how to properly clear things out on R8000.

Background, i have done a lot of reading across DD-WRT and this site as well as other Google hits and have found all kinds of information/detail and the key thing is that depending on hardware running a particular procedure may work, it may not work or you may take a device to a state that is very painful to reset.

I'm looking for detail on specificlaly the R8000 on how to do the following:

  1. I have DD-WRT KONG build on device and now i need to reset the configuration to base KONG build configuration? Is this as simple as "reset" in the web UI?
  2. I have DD-WRT KONG build on device and now I have upgraded KONG build, what should i do?  What is the proper procedure to follow between builds?
  3. I have DD-WRT KONG build on device and something goes terribly wrong after i upgrade to next KONG build, my device isn't functional, what do i do?  In the past 30-30-30 was the process but does this apply to ARM based devices like the R8000?
  4. I have DD-WRT KONG build and I want to rever back to Netgear stock firmware (for some odd reason), what do I do?  As simple as go into Web UI and upgrade fimrware with Netgear firmware?  If so, CHK or BIN file?
  5. When do i need to reset or clear NVRAM on the device and how do i do this?  Are there subtle differences in a reset vs clear of NVRAM?
  6. When i'm SoL and think i have bricked the device, what can I do?  Should i use a USB to TVL connector and PUTTY in and start clearing NVRAM?  What/how do i do this?

I will take the answers from KONG and others and keep track on this thread.  In the end I will summarize all the detail in to an FAQ.  I really need this and i'm thinking that others do as well.  There is a ton of knowledge but seems to be all over the place....

Thanks for everyones help!!

Greg J.

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Bump for this.  I installed

Bump for this.  I installed did-wrt.K3_R8000_0-2.chk  and now can't access any of the usual setup screens. Any help would be appreciated.


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Me to same issue anyone

frown Me to same issue anyone please helpmail     -Grey-GHOST_10110101


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I have the R8000 and flashed

I have the R8000 and flashed it with KONG lastest release as of November 2015, i was not able to login to the web interface after reseting the username and password ive tried my password and user many time as well as root and password admin along with a few other similar username and delfault logins. non worked. Please Help

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I am now in the same boat....

I am now in the same boat.... flashed firmware, router reset and now i cannot connect to it in any way, its showing a wireless network of "dd-wrt" which i cannot connect to and checking on my BT router it states that it has an ip adress of when i try to connect to that or ping the IP i get nothing at all... starting to get a little worried that i may have an expensive brick..... it looks cool thogh!! angrycool


Ant help of advise would be appreciated.




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go to telnet/ssh type: 

go to telnet/ssh type: 


erase nvram; reboot