PS3 Netflix Streaming

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PS3 Netflix Streaming

OK, got QoS Setup and running fine except for my roommates PS3 and Netflix not streaming or streaming for a couple of minutes and then trying to buffer and not getting anywere.

Has anyone using the Tomato firmware have a ps3 and netflix working with out any issues.

I enabled upnp in the firmware, added a QoS rule for the PS3 based on its mac address and still it wouldnt work properly.  Reinstalled roommates old Netgear router and everything is back to normal.

any ideas/help will/would be greatly appreciated.


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I have no problem streaming

I have no problem streaming Netflix to my Wii, my Mac, or my Dell PC. My Sony Bluray has problems, however that is a known defect in Sony Netflix support which Sony is aware of and working on. It will work fine for a while, then it will start buffering for about 5 seconds every 5-15 minutes. Affects HD mostly.