PS3 Problem

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PS3 Problem

Hi guys,

Before I bought my router, when I connected my PS3 directly to my cable modem and do an "Internet Connection Test" I got everything ok, up until NAT Type, after that, before the Speed test starts, I get this message:

"The router in use may not support IP fragments, and the communication features of some games may be restricted. For details, contact the router manufacturer."

I thought that buying a quality router like the WNR3500L, and installing some good custom firmware in it will fix my problem, but the same thing keeps happening.

Any ideas? Any of you guys out there with this router get the same problem with your PS3? I'm using Kong's latest DD-WRT btw -dd-wrt-usb-ftp-samba3-dlna-O2-v24-K26-broadcom.bin