QuadBiquad (quadruple biquad WiFi antenna)

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QuadBiquad (quadruple biquad WiFi antenna)

These questions are about biquad WiFi antennas:



I was reading performance results for a biquad antenna and noted that by changing polarity orientation of the element (horizontal or vertical) the antenna's reception of the signal has changed.



This made me think about creating an biquad-type antenna that included both orientations.



The QuadBiquad (quadruple biquad WiFi antenna):








  1. Do you know any projects that have done this? (include a link, if possible)


  1. If a double biquad gained 3dBi stepping up from a biquad antenna, do you hypothesize that a gain of 2-3dBi could be possible in a positive+negative quadruple biquad setup?





Thank you so much to everyone that took the time to read my post! Your responses are greatly appreciated!