Quick Questions, New to DD-WRT Kong

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Quick Questions, New to DD-WRT Kong

Question 1: If i wanted Kong's firmware on my NETGEAR R7000 would I go to this link http://www.desipro.de/ddwrt/K3-AC-Arm/, upload the R7000.chk file, factory reset then upload the STD.bin file then factory reset?

Question 2: Why do you need to upload 2 files and not just one like everyone else?

Question 3: If I wanted to update the firmware would I just upload the STD.bin and skip the .chk file?



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Iv'e just seen on here

Iv'e just seen on here firmware from Kong http://www.myopenrouter.com/download/dd-wrt-kong-mod-10-26-15-netgear-r7000 but theres only a .chk file. Is two different files no longer required? Do I just upload the file from that link? Thanks again

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Used to have to use two

Used to have to use two different files, but haven't had to do that in a while.  There also used to be an initial file to upload that would install a basic copy of dd-wrt, then you would upload the most recent version of kong.  I don't believe they require that any more either.

I've got an R7000 with stock firmware, but used to run kong's version.  I find that (in my case anyways) there were no real incentives running dd-wrt over the stock Netgear firmware.  One thing that I did miss from the stock firmware big time was the ability to use the R7000 as an air print server for my Apple iDevices.  

If you do decide to run dd-wrt, make sure you read other's posts, update instructions, etc.  You can easily brick your router if something is done wrong or in the wrong sequence.


Good luck!



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So it is just as simple as

So it is just as simple as uploading the file in that link and thats it?


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anyone know this happen? i

anyone know this happen? i bought the Nighthawk R7000 few day ago , i already upgrade my R7000 to DD-WRT Mod Kong Oct/26/2015 and i using the client bridge mode because in my basement don't have internet cable that's why i using the client bridge. But i don't know what's going on , i connect to my internet ( upstair internet wifi ) but since i connect it sometime they working but kinda lag ( sometime go very fast , sometime is slow they not stable ) and when i disconnect the ethernet cable or unplug or restart my computer they can't work again i need to hard rest with my R7000 again and setup everything to let it back to work. Help me fix this problem please