R7000 AP Repeater Bridge Issues

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R7000 AP Repeater Bridge Issues


I have two R7000 routers on the latest DD-WRT v3.0-r31160M kongac (1/18/17). I am having issues setting up a repeater bridge that works reliably. The issue that I'm seeing is that the Router Bridge mode router connects to the AP for about 8 seconds, then it drops back off. It reconnects for about 8 seconds again, drops off again.



Router 1 (AP) :

2.4Ghz Interface

 - IP:

 - SSID Set, NOT broadcasting

 - 20MHz Channel width

 - Wireless Channel 6

 - N/G Mixed

 - All other settings disabled (Multicast traffic, Beamforming, TurboQAM, etc)

 - Network Bridged Mode Enabled


 - SPI Firewall Disabled


 - WPA2 Personal - AES 

DHCP Server

 - Enabled

Status / Wireless tab

  - My Repeater Bridge ->  

 NOTE: it says HT40 here...

E4:F4:C6:XX:XX:XX wl0 0:00:08 216M 216M HT40 -34 -88 54

Router 2 (Repeater Bridge)

- Repeater Bridge Mode

- Gateway pointed at IP of AP

- IP:

- Subnet

- DHCP Disabled


 - Repeater Bridge

 - N-Only (This does not match the AP, but changing this allowed the bridge to connect and remain connected)

   - Changing this to N/G Mixed Would not connect

- All Options disabled

- Network Configuration Bridged


 - WPA2 Personal - AES - Same Password as AP


 - SPI Firewall is disabled

STATUS/Wireless Tab -

  - Please NOTE that on the AP Bridge it mentions HT20, and on the AP it seem to think it's HT40

E4:F4:C6:XX:XX:XX wl0 0:00:08 216M 216M HT20 -35 -92 54


I can't tell if this is a bug in the Bridging, or if i have something misconfigured. It seems to be the case that toggling some of the values will force it to connect, but if i reboot the Repeater Bridge, It will not connect again with the same values.

Please advise, and thank you for your help!

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I've got issues too with my

I've got issues too with my R7000 running that build as well. It won't connect to a router I'm bridging from, however it will with an older build. 4/19/16 I think. Seems any of the newer build past that, in the 3,000's repeater functions won't connect.