R7000 DD-WRT to upgrade firmware or not

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R7000 DD-WRT to upgrade firmware or not

Hi, I have a R7000 running DD-WRT "v24-sp2 (10/08/14) kongac" that I use for VPN with a dedicated IP.  Is there is reason/advantage to upgrade the DD-WRT firmware?  If so, is there a preferred/stable version?  I don't really play around with the router and am not a networking person.  Thanks for any advice.

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A work collegue and I both

A work collegue and I both have an R7000 and compare notes.  He upgraded his to one of the newer builds I think maybe 3/x/17 and had all kinds of lockup problems.  He tried a couple of the builds around that time, but had the same problem.  I've had my wifes office running on the build from 1/18/17 and it seems to be pretty solid.  My work collegue down-graded back to either the same build as me or he thought maybe even one ealier and hasn't touched it for the last couple months. I believe either one of those you'd be safe upgrading too. 

I just got a email notification today from netgear to upgrade my firmware for security reason.  I know that's for the OEM firmware, but am wondering if I should consider upgrading my R7000 to any of the latest builds.  I can't afford to work out bugs with my wife's office, so probably won't till I hear others have tried the latest and confirm its solid.  She's in the financial industry so I'm always in-tune to any security patches.

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raichle, thanks for your

raichle, thanks for your response.  


Funny, the same email from Netgear triggered me looking into the situation.  With your experience of trying different versions, I'm more leary about switching / upgrading.  Totally agree with your security comment, that would be the driver of the change if I do move.  Right now I'm leaning to sticking where I am unless there's other advice.  Cheers.

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I rarely have to move back to

I rarely have to move back to older firmware due to stability reasons. I keep upgrading for security reasons. I am convinced its better to upgrade for security reasons, DD WRT is community driven firmware and as such their might be vulnerabilities. I am pretty sure thse are patched all the time so better keep up to date.


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I upgrade about every 6

I upgrade about every 6 months or so.   No stability issues with any of the upgraded versions.    I make sure to return to default settings and reboot the router before and after each upgrade then manually re-inputting my settings.    I also use the ddup applet in Kong's version of dd-wrt to make sure I get the right version for my router plus the checksum function for integrity.   Takes a bit more time (<20 minutes) but for a safe upgrade every 6 months it's worth a bit more effort and process.    Some instability issues for some users may come from residual settings left after an upgrade that are inconsistent with the newer build unless you do a clean install by returning to default settings and rebooting the router then manually re-inputting your settings.  

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I upgraded the router, was

I upgraded the router, was easier than I thought and working without a hitch!  Thanks all!