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R7000 Setup

Good afternoon everyone.  


I am brand new to this forum and really Moding routers in general.  I have flashed phones but never thought about Opensource for a Router.  My questions I believe are simple.  I have never been able to get great results out of the the 7000, and I am wondering if doing a factory reset will help and starting over.  the 2.4gig works ok but starts to really boog down with all the wifi traffic in my household (3tablets, 4 phones, xbox, smart tv, macbook ect) not all running at once.  But the 5gig is terrible.  I cant hold a reliable connection on my phones, Apple TV or computer (I believe the 5gig used to work fine but something happened which brings me to the factory reset.)  I really wondered if Flashing to an open source from this site would benefit me and help improve my Wi-Fi performance.  I am currently working out a plan to Hardwire my Xbox one and TV in the basement to help free up some bandwidth over the air.  That leads me to another possible question, can I take an older router (I have a few wireless G routers in the drawer) and put it in the basement with hardwire from the 7000 to that and split the connection there or do I have to run 2 wires to the individual components?  I feel like I have 10 more questions but I am going to stop there and see if I can get the first few answered before diving further into my network lol.  Thanks in Advance.

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Basement, yes, you should be

Basement, yes, you should be able to.  Although a switch is releatively cheap and would be a better choice.  Just ensure that your old router can handle gigabit speeds (regardless of device support as even a single gigabit pipe is as if you ran several 100mbit pipes).


As for your wlan speeds, I am not seeing those issues in my apartment.  I have an Intel 1300AC board and am linked right now at 351MB, which sounds low, but in reality not bad, and a definite upgrade over the ~100 or so I get on N.  Considering my n is ~300MB, that means I should be around 4x as fast, which is about where I am sitting.  Remember that interference is exacerbated at higher frequencies, and at high data rates, dropped or malformed packets due to poor signals really will tank the speeds fast.

Stability shouldn't be an issue either.  If you are having stability issues, check to see if one device is misbehaving. You could have a device thats known to be a non-team player, shall we say.  My first foray into wireless had a Dell that had a bunk wireless card and once I diagnosed that down, I was able to try disabling the onboard and switch to a USB stick and things were smooth.  Not saying this is your issue, but could be.  What I would recommend is checking your settings though for your AC setup.  I found that from the highest channel going down (the larger number channels are on faster freq which means faster potential speeds) one bin at a crack, do speed tests or link tests.  I run Red Hat, and the network manager tells me this, so it was quite fast to go thru the list.  I found that in my case it was a bell curve that with channel 153 being the peak of said bell.  

And with troubleshooting a good factory reset never hurts.  Backup your setup just in case, and reset.  Reconfigure the one thing that was janky (here the AC WLAN) and test.  If it isn't working correctly, you can revert back to your old config.